What would happen if the Church in Atlantic Canada joined together for a week of radical generosity and service in Jesus’ name? What if, for the sake of the Kingdom, believers stepped across denominational lines in order to display God’s love to our neighbours? Can you imagine how our entire region would be transformed, all to the glory of God?
This September, you’re invited to participate in Love Atlantic, a multi-church initiative to put the love of God on full display across Atlantic Canada. From September 24-30/2023, congregations of all sizes and representing multiple denominations will actively seek ways to serve and bless our communities.
Through this one-week initiative, hundreds of thousands of dollars will be raised and given away in Jesus’ name. Recipients will include a broad range of schools, community organizations, parachurch ministries, and individuals with specific needs. Ultimately, our church will decide where the funds we raise will be distributed.

Idea Submission for Love Atlantic

Please  make sure to submit your ideas to show Jesus' Love to our town.